The Importance Of A Good Charter For Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is a huge event; a day’s worth of activity and worthy months of anticipation. There are some huge fish in the sea waiting for a little sport of their own. In their eyes, you could be the catch of the day. Engage in battle with a Mahi Mahi, Yellow Fin Tuna, or big Red Snapper in Costa Rica.

Charter Fishing in Costa Rica

Among serious sport fishermen and women, Costa Rica is a type of mecca. Read about why Costa Rica is so popular. Their usual method is to hire a charter when they arrive or even prior to their arrival in the country. Some of the top locations for fishing are:

• Playa Flamingo, Tamarindo, and Jaco down the west coast
• Tortuguero, Limon, and Cahuta along the east coast
• Arenal and Caño Negro north-central

Fish up for grabs include Wahoo, Rainbow Bass, and Rooster Fish along with those mentioned above. If you are wondering where Costa Rica is situated, follow a map of South America and you will see the country bordered by Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south plus both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It’s not far for North American travelers to get far away from ordinary life.

The Language of Costa Rican Sport Fishing

Even in this Latin American country, one commonly hears English spoken. That’s one of the comforting reasons people choose Costa Rica as their sport fishing destination. Charter captains, in particular, not only speak the language but are often from an English-speaking country. They are transplants who love the sea. They even have great fishing resorts too.

Fishing Options

You can do it alone, hiring a boat and using technology to find fish. This is not relaxing. You have to learn about the various features of an unfamiliar coastline; the habits of these fish such as where they tend to travel at what time of day. One must either travel with thousands of dollars (and hundreds of pounds) of equipment or hire, potentially even buy it onsite.

Charters with experienced captains reduce the workload and possibly cost less in the long run. Even if you know how to drive a boat, which many sport fishermen cannot do, it’s so nice to leave the work in hands that know the seas you travel blindfolded.

Charter Considerations

Hire a charter, but choose carefully. As in any tourist-focused industry there are cowboys. They don’t have a license or insurance. Their boats are not seaworthy or only just. There is no safety equipment onboard and the main goal is to get your money. Once on the water, maybe the English-speaking captain will suddenly only speak Spanish. It can happen anywhere in the world.

A good captain takes you where fish are known to live and congregate at a certain time of year and of day. He recognizes where the fish a customer wants to catch are located and takes the appropriate direction. Some favor the north coast; others the south.

A licensed, experienced, insured charter boat skipper is conscious of your enjoyment and safety. His fishing boat is ready for action, serviced and maintained, with a working radio and a captain who knows how to use it. Life jackets are available and one is encouraged to wear them. Fishing equipment might be available as well plus snacks and drinks. There are levels of rental and various boat sizes to accommodate a pair of fishermen, a family, or a corporate group. Luxury tours are stocked with lovely food and cold drinks and participants are waited on courteously. At the end of the working day, a charter operator has to make it known to existing and future clients that they are worth hiring again; that word, as it spreads about them, should be positive. This charter deserves your custom. The cowboy doesn’t care what you say. He has your money and another sucker comes along every minute.

Finding Sport Fishing Charters in Costa Rica

Research from home or in the country. There are a number of great companies with reviews, videos, and testimonials from happy customers. Lots of established businesses are online, so you can get a snapshot of the sorts of fish customers catch. Explore which side of the country these fishing tours are situated and corresponding species of fish. If you have a fish in mind, then orient your holiday closest to where that species is found and where charters take people to the right places in the correct season.

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