Best Types Of Fish For Sport Fishing

A serious sport fisherman goes in search of species that fight back. It is not sport if they come jumping into the boat or you can scoop fish up with a net which is why big species make a great catch. You find these typically in very big bodies of water such as huge inland lakes, seas around the world, and in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. River species and those of smaller lakes can be fun to catch and tasty to eat, but nothing beats a beast like a Sailfish or Mahi Mahi for the ardent lover of a feisty fish and the thrill of catching a giant.

Piscine Wonders in Costa Rica

Charter boat rentals in Costa Rica are big business. Captains take their passengers along either the west coast lashed by the Pacific Ocean or the eastern, Atlantic coast of Costa Rica. They go inland too in search of freshwater varieties. The area is popular and busy, but for good reason: the sport fishing is excellent; worth of the money and time it takes to get here. That same warm, sunny climate which attracts tourists to the beaches here also attracts species which can become enormous, not to mention vividly colorful. Explore a website posted by a Costa Rican sport fishing charter captain (or check out our article on locations here), and see the images of fish as long as or longer than a grown man.

Finding the Fish

Discover which fish you want to catch and take yourself to the side of the country associated with that species. There are internet maps which lay it all out for you by charter fishermen posting info about which fish usually frequent which areas and the best seasons for catching them. They even provide icons indicating what the shape of that fish will be if you are unfamiliar with a species, and tons of data about these animals such as weight and size. Nothing replaces the real thing or prepares you for its beauty though.

Fish of Costa Rica

Now you know the where, but what fish are you looking for at this popular destination? The most popular varieties include Mahi Mahi or Dorado fish, a type of dolphin available mostly during the spring/summer season and also familiar in Hawaii (just like some of the others seen here). Sailfish strike a beautiful pose, stunningly silhouetted by rays of the sun as the day dwindles to dusk. They are very seasonal, so you have to check well in advance of your holiday before assuming you will catch one of these. Late spring and summer are best.

Tuna are big with fishermen in the area but your window of opportunity is even smaller than is the case with Sailfish. In fact, if you can time it right, Sailfish, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi will all be available at the same time. This will maximize a sport-fishing holiday and potentially provide variety in the freezer after you get your catch sliced up and ready for travel.

Snapper, available all year-round, is a tasty species loved all over North and South America. One great advantage of eating fresh, ocean-caught fish is how wild and clean it tastes. You will never eat anything like it again; at least not until you go out with a charter and catch some more.

Mackerel, Tarpon, and Snook form another trio of possibilities. English sea fishermen are familiar with mackerel in particular. Snook seem to prefer the north and east of Costa Rica, while Tarpon are found inland with Rainbow Bass which love these mild waters all throughout the year. Time your holiday to coincide with good weather, great exchange rates, and other prime fishing opportunities.

Mackerel are located on both coasts. Big Rooster Fish favor the west. As you can see, no matter which side of Cost Rica you make your base, there is a chance of catching some sort of giant.

We must not forget the Wahoo. The name is crazy, and so is this fish which is said to be a fast swimmer with lovely meat. This fish is found in all sorts of warm waters worldwide besides the Costa Rican coasts where, understandably, boats can be seen bobbing far out on the horizon many months of the year. Wahoo favor an earlier fishing season of around late winter to late spring, so if you want an affordable break, this is the fish to fight for.

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